Taking it back with Boston

When you’re listening to the radio or your playlist, does a song ever come on that takes you back to a very specific situation that happened in your life? It’s almost like you’re there living that experience all over again, simply because this song come on. Yeah, it happens to me too; a lot actually. So today “Amanda” from Boston came on my playlist and it shot me back to the late 80’s when my older brother Chris introduced me to the band. I remember him going on and on about how absolutely amazing this band was and that I had to get the tape (yes, as in cassette tape) so we went out right away and bought a copy of “Third Stage” which came out in 1986. I remember playing it over and over hundreds of time until I had every word, chord progression, and drum beat memorized and perfected in the band that lived in my head. I can’t even begin to tell you how many times my parents would walk in on me slaying the air guitar or busting out a solid ballad on my hair brush microphone with Boston playing in the background. Seriously though, the harmonies that this band put together, and their crisp and precise sound on lead guitar and the percussion they delivered with their electronic drums was cherry! Did you know that “Third Stage” was the first album that Boston featured electronic drums on? What about that this album stayed at number one on the Billboard 200 for four solid weeks. It’s not really hard to see why; from Amanda to Hollyann, this album covers every cheesy 80’s song a young girl could need on one album. Let’s not get carried away here though, they certainly aren’t the biggest or best 80’s band to grace the music industry. Still, Boston is partially responsible for my love of rock music, and the changes that are ever occurring in it. So most likely for the rest of my life, every time I hear a Boston song, it will take me right back to that afternoon in my brothers’ room where he schooled me on the basics of classic 80’s rock; and that was just the beginning……


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