“Black” Dierks Bentley’s sexiest and most suggestive album yet

Dierks Bentley’s new album has stirred up quite the controversy in regard to his marriage.


Dierks Bentley was in Denver just last summer, and it was the first thing I noticed when I saw him come out on stage; he’s not wearing his wedding ring. Bentley has been married to wife Cassidy Black for over ten years and the couple has three children together. So why on earth would he not be wearing his wedding ring? The answer is most likely hidden, or maybe not so hidden, in his new album titled “Black” that will be released on May 27. From disbelief to heartache, anger to revenge, this album covers every emotion and aspect of a break-up. Yet, there hasn’t been anything confirming that the couple is parting ways, so could the album truly be about his marriage to Cassidy Black?

The album kicks off with its tilted song “Black” which Bentley explains as an “in the moment, passionate love song.” He states that it follows the journey of a relationship and talks about jealousy, dishonesty, and cheating. The song opens on a scene of seduction between two lovers including lyrics like “my hands, they know where to go” and “I’ll take you on a trip, flip that switch, make my world go black.” It seems that this song is more about the passionate side of a relationship rather than the turmoil that could be brewing inside of it. Still, lyrics like “I don’t wanna see a thing, I just wanna feel your touch” could easily be misconstrued to mean that Bentley is turning a blind eye to what is happening inside of his marriage and just living in the moment.

“I’ll Be the Moon” is probably one of the most somber cheating songs you’ll hear in a long time; but did he cheat, or did she? With lyrics like “I don’t wanna be a liar, I don’t wanna be a fool,” it seems as though Bentley has found another woman; however the second verse, sung by Maren Morris says “in my mind when I’m looking at him and in my eyes it’s the obvious elephant in the room” it sounds like perhaps Black has been preoccupied while Bentley was out on the road. The chorus of the song expresses deep desperation to hang on to any piece of the relationship that might be left when Bentley sings, “he can be the sun, I’ll be the moon,” leaving the listener thinking that Black is certainly breaking Bentley’s heart.

In another desperate attempt to save his relationship Bentley sings the ever forgiving “Pick Up,” a song about busting your lover cheating and begging for a chance to start over despite the heart break. In agony Bentley sings “pick up the pieces girl it ain’t that broke” leaving evidence of a man who would do anything to fix what is most certainly on the brink of destruction. “Somewhere On a Beach” on the other hand, is a more upbeat song shoving the fact that he’s moving on into an ex-lovers face. “Got a new girl, she’s got it going on” and “I’m getting sun, getting some, and I ain’t slept in a week” are among the wordy lyrics that show off almost too obviously that he’s in the middle of a rebound and could care less about what she’s put him through.

This album is certainly living up to all of the hype so far, although we still have 2 long weeks before its release to the public. Whether or not Bentley is in the middle of a split with wife Cassidy Black is truly irrelevant. Whatever is going on in his life right now is making for some seriously awesome country music. So what about this album is fact or fiction? May 27th can’t get here fast enough and you don’t want to be left out in the dark on this one.


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