Happy summer……finally.

I have not blogged since June……but I promise there is a valid reason for that. Today marks the last day of my summer semester. I took an English class this summer and it kicked my ass in every possible way. I spent the summer writing a 15-page paper that I had to base on something I am passionate about. It did not take long for me to decide that music was my topic, but the struggle came in when deciding specifically what to write about. After all, music is a pretty vast subject, is it not? After much discussion with some of my dearest friends, I decided to write about the unethical way that streaming companies treat musicians financially, which has created a domino effect of record sale losses, music piracy, and fans ever evolving disinterest in the creation and meaning of a long playing (LP) record in its entirety. It is a doozy of a read, but I hope it is worth it. I will post the paper either tonight or tomorrow. My argument will always be for the benefit of the musician. Without them, our world is bleak, dismal, and very quiet.

I do not want to turn this blog into an Oscar winning speech, nor do I believe this paper is even worthy of that level of praise, but I have a couple people to show some love to. I am really lucky to have some great people in my corner that support my writing even when the pieces I write are complete shit. My professor Nicole, who I have now had for two semesters, kicks ass on so many levels! It is because of her encouragement and tough love that I have changed my major to journalism with a minor in music. This paper was a struggle for me (ironically) and she never gave up on me. In addition, one of my dearest friends, Lehi, stepped up in desperate times of writers block and internal music breakdown (even when he did not know that he was doing it). There is a lot about this paper that he encouraged and reminded me of. I have been out of the music scene for a while and he has helped ease me back into this world that I so desperately love. Thank you.


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