I apologize…..

My friend Jonathan is an artist. He is a writer, he is a creator, he is an inspiration to me and so many others. Today, I walked into work, turned my computer on, and this is what awaited me. Whether you believe in a higher power or not, his words resonate so profoundly. For me personally, this has become a reminder that I am worth my best.

I Apologize…..



“I apologize for all the moments I did not believe what you were telling me. I heard the still quiet voice, yet the outside world was so loud in my mind that I tuned you out. I did not do what I did from a place of love and so there was chaos and moments of saying I apologize to everyone else. I have not always treated you kindly or given you the love that you deserved. Often times, I abused you and wondered why you did not do what I wanted you to do, never once thinking of apologizing to you. I am sorry that it took me a while to believe in you and to know that your guidance was always true. I had the intuition, but the more I went against it the easier it became not to listen. I apologize and I release those moments to freedom. I am excited and joyful that we can still be the closest of friends. Your forgiveness is sweeter than any form of hurt or revenge; what a beautiful lesson you have taught me again and again. I apologize for not believing in you at times but believing so strongly in everyone else. I am thankful for this apology; it is like an epic cleanse of the soul. I promise that I am listening and if you tell me to be bold, or to move, or to act, I will not question I will simply go. This is my apology, an open letter to self. What relief and joy that I Am has never left.”

– Jonathan Kelley 


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